Faqs In Digital Marketing

Q.1 What is Digital Marketing?

Ans: In a very plain and simple language, digital marketing is nothing but using digital tools to do marketing of your product or services. Some examples of Digital marketing tools are, Google Adwords, Search Engine, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.

Q.2 What is the scope of Digital Marketing?

Ans: Digital Marketing has a huge scope now a days. Digital marketing is a booming career and employment opportunities are huge (about 1.5 lakh jobs are expected to be created in the digital marketing space in next couple of years)due to digitization of business processes and online promotion.Learn More

Q.3 What kind of jobs are there for a Digital Marketer?

Ans: Following profiles are open for candidates with digital Marketing knowledge:

  • Digital Marketing Manager

  • Content Marketing Manager

  • Content Writers

  • Inbound Marketing Manager

  • Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists

  • Search Engine Marketers

  • SEO Executives

  • Conversion Rate Optimizer

  • Copy Writers or Content Writers 

Q.4 What kind of knowledge is required in a Digital Marketing job?

Ans: Digital Marketing space is wide but the knowledge of the following areas is must for a Digital Marketing job:

  • Google Adwords/PPC/SEM

  • Search Engine Oprimization

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • You Tube Marketing

  • Facebook Marketing

  • Content marketing

  • Blogging

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Inbound Marketing

Q.5 What kind of salary is drawn by a Digital Marketer?

Ans:The salary range of a Digital marketing personnel is between 2 Lakhs (for a fresher) to 50 lakhs (for experienced professionals). The average salary according to www.payscale.com is around 4.5 lakhs.

Q.6 Do I need to have Technical Background to be a Digital Marketer?

Ans:No special IT requirements are there to be in this field, if you understand Internet, online marketing, social media and search engine and have some basic knowledge about HTML, you are ready to dive in the ocean of Digital marketing.

Q.7 What Personal Skills I require to be a Digital Marketer?

Ans: To grow in a Digital Marketing career, you need to have the following personal skills:


Excellent Written Skills


Analytical Ability

Eager Learner

Great observer


Q.8 Which medium of Digital Marketing Training is best- Online or Class room training?

Ans:Both the training methods have their own pros and cons. You need to see what suits you best. For a working professional may be online training is better than Classroom training, on the other hand for graduates and college going students may be a weekend 3 hrs class seems to be better.

Q.9 Who all are eligible for a Digital Marketing Course?

Ans: Any Students or Professionals who are graduates or post Graduates can go for this course. Its best suited for people who are MBA/MCA/BBA/BCA/Diploma Holders in Computer and has good communication skill in English.

Q.10 What is the fees structure for doing this Course?

Ans: The fees of a Digital Marketing Course ranges from 7 k to 3 Lakhs.

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