Courses Offered at ASDC


Digital Marketing

Companies are gradually more reaching out to their customers through digital platforms as there are more than 400 Million total Internet users in India. India’s digital advertising spending will extent around 250 billion by 2020 and India's digital promotion & advertising is steadily growing at a rate of 35%.. This indicates a shift in focus from traditional marketing to digital marketing mediums. These market trends have created marvellous opportunities for professionals who are equipped with the necessary digital skills. ASDC's program is exclusively planned and designed for current and aspiring marketing professionals, to help them transform into a digital marketers of the future. Know more


GST Training


The GST training is a all-inclusive guide to the Goods and Service Tax regulations. At ASDC GST training covers the applied features & characteristic of Good and Service Tax (GST) including registration, returns and in-depth accounting and recording of GST transactions.


Office Toolkit


Office products help to improve work proficiency with user friendly. Office products provide resources for professional presentation of data that is well-matched with most operating systems. Whether you are looking to expand your Office tool skills for personal use, boarding on a new career, or working towards career development, ASDC has the perfect Office training module that you are looking for. All of our trainers are Microsoft Certified.


Advance Sales & Marketing


Skills training in sales techniques, customer service and marketing can help upsurge sales and improve customer satisfaction for any business. ASDC offers various hands-on sales and marketing training courses to help you learn and apply knowledge and skills to effectively close customers and generate more business. As an individual you can grow your marketing career with our program which has been designed keeping in mind industry requirements.


Interview Preparation


Interviews have always been a nerve-racking experience. It’s a situation where you are judged on your performance for a job. Everybody gets the jitters when it comes to interviews. Don't panic. At ASDC, Interview Preparation classes build confidence to face any kind of Interview. The regress practice sessions and tricks on how to manage an interview, builds confidence in a candidate and they stand out among the hundred applicants.

Spoken English 


You must have seen some people who have an amazing ability to talk and communicate flawlessly in English with others. So easily they make friends, impress others, are successful and look so confident.  They really have a WOW Personality.Yes communication is an important element of ones personality and speaking in English langauge these days is mandatory. The social component of ones personality is affected by communication. It is true that few people are born as an excellent orator, but others need to learn the art of communication and learn Spoken English.At ASDC, we help you to learn the art to speak well in English language. Communication helps you to build your career, make friends, impress others and build confident in your own self. Various techniques and models are used to develop this art. Its not a two day process but regular guidance and a year long preparation beyond doubt shows result.


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