5 rules to follow when you are building your website

Businesses are going online and the best way or I can say the first step to be online is to have your own website. According to Wikipedia, “ A website is a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server ”.

Now, everyone wants to make a website and thus hire a third party or their internal team to build a stunning website but what they forget while building a website is what we are going to see in this article. Lets understand the 5 rules which a firm should follow when it is building a website.

Rule 1: Never try to complete all the web pages in one go: My personal recommendation is that never try to complete all the web pages on one go. Its best to make a basic framework of what initial information is required for the viewers and make pages accordingly. Trying to complete the whole site before making it go live, first of all makes you be late to put your information over the digital platform and also it makes the process of making the website cumbersome.

Rule 2: Make a basic framework of pages to include all relevant information: A framework or structure of your website is must. How many pages, what type, what content, what designing layout, all these are required to be sorted out before you start building a website. If you forget to make a framework, then possibility is that you may loose the way you want to tell your brand’s story using a website.

Rule 3: Go live soon and keep updating content: website with all relevant information and basic comprehensible content and design should go live quickly. Its best to keep updating content each day afterwards, if you think you have missed out something. The reason is that, on doing so, google crawlers can find you active and you can make a solid content which gives you best SEO results. Always remember, “Rome was not build in a day”.

Rule 4: Benchmark few of your competitor's website in the industry: it’s always better to look into what is happening in the industry, so even while building a website, you must look into some already established website, so that you get knowledge about how the basic framework should be to start your website, especially its look and feel. Avoid plagiarism, as doing so will lower your SEO ranking.

Rule 5: Understand your audience: Your content on the website should be specific to your audience. The tone and the form of writing should be interactive, engaging and appealing to your target audience. Content is the key to engage your customer on your website. Read more about content marketing and its influence on customer engagement here.

Thus making a website, is easy and definitely it will pull audience towards your business. Using right kind of tools and techniques and following certain rules will surely help you to make stunning website for your business.

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