7 Leadership Traits we can learn from Bahubali 2: The Conclusion

Bahubali 2 is doing a great job. Many are telling it to be the benchmark of Indian cinema and many the revolution, marking the era of a great future of Indian cinema. Bahubali has everything for everyone, great story-line, great music, excellent cinematography, mind blowing action and some excellent character played by superb actors of our contemporary cinema.

While watching the movie, many a times, I could find myself admiring the strategies, attitude and behaviour of some characters in the film like Ramya as "Shivgami" and Prabhu as "Bahubali". Both these characters demonstrated a unique way of leadership and thus I thought of jotting my thought down on "7 Leadership Traits we can learn from Bahubali 2: The Conclusion".

Let's see each one by one

A leader is not a position but an attitude: During the movie, when "Bahubali" was staying among the villagers, father of "Bhallaladeva" said "He will stay like a king, where ever he is staying" and this is so right, because many a times, we think that to be a leader we need position, but in reality if we have an attitude of a leader, we can demonstrate leadership quality and people will follow our action and sayings.

A leader has to have a big Heart: Many times in the movie, "Bahubali" has been spotted to be different than his brother "Bhallaladeva" due to his big, generous and lovable heart. He had a heart, which loved everyone, irrespective of his situation, condition or position at that time. Thus a leader is one who is generous, who does not do right and good only when his conditions are right but a leader always remain good and generous and show others, how big his heart is for others.

A leader thinks beyond his own comfort zone: A leader can survive in any circumstances, in the back of his/her mind, the only thing which exists is the well being of his community or group. "Bahubali" and "Shivagami" demonstrated the same thing in the movie many times,

A leader demonstrates courage, confidence and consistency: throughout the movie, both "Shivgami" and "Bahubali" demonstrated courage, confidence and consistency. In the first scene when an elephant became insane and was about to kill villagers during the "Asur Dahen Procession" "Shivgami", asked "Kattapa" to help the villagers and alone with courage headed towards the goal. A leader needs to set example in front of subordinates during adverse condition.

A leader is a problem solver: A leader is a problem solver and not a problem finder. In the whole movie, we saw how "Bahubali", demonstrated this skill, he won all wars utilising all the resources he had, rather than cribbing about less resources or some other problems. Didn't you find it fascinating, when he used the farmer's bulls, with their horns lit with fire, to fight with the sudden attack of "Pindara in the state of "Devsena"?

A leader is sagacious and a quick decision maker: A leader is quick in taking decision and is well learned to make difference between right and wrong. His/Her mind find cue from the circumstances and thus is able to take right decision majority of time. In the movie we saw how by asking question to "Devsena" and "the newly appointed senapati", "Bahubli"could judge who was right and telling the truth and who deserved punishment.

A leader can change a pack of sheep into a herd of Lions: I was thrilled when, "Bahubali"could motivate "Kumar" and "farmers"in the movie to fight and show their real caliber. A leader is one who can change a pack of sheep into a herd of lions by just blowing the air of confidence, courage and determination in them. In the movie we saw lot many time "Bahubali" doing the same thing.

Thus I can say, beyond the enormous profit figures made by this film, "Bahubali 2" has few lessons to be taken away, which definitely will help us to recognise a true leader in any sphere of life and also help us to be one if we seek to be a leader of change.

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