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In recent years, online college courses have grown rapidly. Traditional schools have offered increasing numbers of courses and degree programs online. Enrollment in online Education has increased as college enrollment has decreased across the nation. Today, millions of school and college students study online and more than one-quarter of all higher education students will take at least one online course.

What’s plaguing the current education system? There are certain perennial issues troubling the education segment in India. The emphasis on theory based rote learning where the focus is centered around securing good grades in examinations, rather than understanding, remembering and applying concepts in the real world.

The meaning of education as defined by Google is , "The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university". But today's modern world and fast growing technology has made a new definition of education which is, "The process of receiving the knowledge by electronic means and at any corner of the world"

Online Education is the new trend, students instead of going through books and preparing notes are referring e-books and various online education platforms like, Byju's, Meritnation, Vedantu, Udemy and many more like ASDC. Students are losing the power to think, act and work on the problems by themselves which is restricted in online education. About 2,642,158 students – 12.5 percent of all college students – took online courses exclusively, and the other 13.3 percent of students combined online studies with traditional courses . There are many reasons for the booming popularity of online college studies. One of the biggest advantages of studying online is the convenience and flexibility of being able to complete coursework on your schedule from virtually anywhere in the world. The flexibility makes online college appeal to full-time and part-time students alike. Being able to work from home without having to work around a rigid class schedule makes online college ideal for non-traditional and working students as well as those balancing family obligations along with their educational pursuits.

A survey of around 200 global and indigenous companies revealed that only about 14% of Indian graduates are ready for the workforce, primarily because of their inability to apply knowledge to solve real-world problems. Applying the theory into practice is one of the biggest thing we need to make our children understand, which can only be done when you sit with a notebook and try solving those questions and where you have a teacher to explain you and correct your mistakes. Obviously in a class of 60 to 70 students it becomes hard for the teacher to take care of each and every student personally. Coaching Institutes were made so that if a student is unable to understand a concept taught to him/her in school or college then they can get guidance in coaching institutes. So that the student can get more keen in his or her studies.

There are certain perks of Offline Education like, from my experience I can firmly say that Parents are worried about their child’s progress very now and then, which is possible when they can interact face to face and discuss the problems. The instructor or the coaching teacher can keep a track on the child’s development. The Child can discuss their problems and doubts understand the concepts, theories well. Regular homework and model tests acts as an aid for the child to realize his/her mistakes and work on them , it can be beneficial to the instructor and parents to judge the child’s progress.

With the popularity of online college degree programs on the rise, higher education institutions from community colleges to law schools are adding more online course options. As long as students continue to value flexibility, online college programs will continue to thrive.

Technology has made things easy and has less the distance between the students and Education. Keeping the current situation in mind, Online education has emerged as a beacon for the students who were pursuing their studies, admits the lock down the distance of learning is covered with the help of these online platforms. This has also led to the emergence of various Online Education platform’s like- Zoom , Google Class, Vedantu where the teacher can conduct the classes and by doing this the loss of education is reduced.

Every thing has its Pros and Cons, but it truly depends on us what we choose for our betterment. Choose wisely whatever is best for you. Because once decisions made can’t be changed

Author:Priyali Srivastava

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