FB Messenger Marketing: 7 Strategies to Boost your Business

Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion monthly active users according to the last recorded data. Further the number of messages exchanged between a user and a business stands at a whopping 20 billion per month.

Although Messenger holds such great potential only 1% of the businesses use some kind of chatbot apps (the number of Messenger users being still lower). So, it is time for your businesses to take advantage of this great opportunity to give a boost to their business.

Now let us look into how this great app can help us in our businesses.

1. Content Delivery: If we believe in the traditional ways, the best way to deliver our content is through emails. But a study conducted by HubSpot found something interesting. Instead of asking people to fill out forms and get the desired content through mails, they used Facebook Messenger instead. The results clearly show the winner and that too by a large margin, where messenger had an open rate of 80% which is 242% more than normal emails and click through rate around 13% against 2.1% of an email.

2. Auto Response to Comments: Suppose you have posted organic content on your page and a potential customer comments on the post. It is very hectic to reply to each and every comment. This is where the comment guard comes in. It is a chatbot which replies automatically when a person comments on your post. Comment guard helps to build a list by automatically including everyone who comments and replies to the auto-generated reply. Also, Facebook is very good towards comment guard. If an organic post is receiving comments, then it is moved forward in the news feed resulting in more engagement. Another thing to be happy about comment guard is, it is absolutely free.

3. Relevant Content for Followers:What if your followers can pull the content they like to themselves? It will satisfy them and increase your chances of conversion. Messenger can help customers insert their searches in the chat and it will find the content for them. One big business using this strategy is Staples. It houses a bot which can answer customer queries about products, orders and returns. This strategy takes into itself some complexity for building the chat bot as a search related chat bot is advanced than the one which simply delivers content.

4. Chat Blasting: It is a simple and effective tool that sends messages to all the people on the list. You may be thinking it is similar to mail blasting, but it is far better. Chat blasting has an open rate of 70-80% in an hour. If we compare this to emails, the numbers stand at 5%.

5. One to One Target Reach:The ads present in the News Feed makes it very difficult for your ad to be featured.Facebook Messenger houses something called Messenger ads which can help you reach your target audience without this hurdle. The ads are shown on the messenger and when clicked, takes the person to your website or a messenger conversation. But different people have different opinions about these ads and it might take some time for people to adapt to these ads in the Messenger.

6. Event Reminders and Information:Facebook Messenger can be used for passing on important information about events. It can also send reminders about events to the people who have signed up for them. HubSpot conducted a survey and found that response rates on Messenger were far better than on email.It can be used for both online and offline events with the same efficiency.

7. Lightning Fast Customer Support:According to a survey conducted by Facebook, 56% of people prefer messaging than calling for customer service. A study conducted by Sprout Social shows consumers expect to be responded within 4 hours and businesses take 10 hours on an average to reply. Also, 30 % of the people will move to another brand in case there is no response from a brand. Messenger is an app that can help you respond to customers quickly and 24x7. It also helps in reducing the workforce, which in turn reduces the cost. In a world where it is difficult to persuade customers using traditional methods, we need to think out of the box. Opting Messenger as a marketing tool can improve your business to a great extent.Messenger app can be a tactical weapon in your arsenal of marketing tools. The most important feature of Messenger is its interactivity. So, wait no more and take advantage of the opportunity to grow your business and customer base.Learn or consult with us Today!

Author: Subhadeep Sengupta

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