How to use MailChimp to create a wonderful Facebook Campaign?

Running different types of digital campaign, using digital media is both hectic and fun for any start-up. As an Entrepreneur and a Digital Marketing trainer, I myself have experienced both successful and failed campaign for my business.

There are many ways to show our digital presence, Ad words, Facebook, Twitter, Google +,LinkedIn & Instagram to name a few . Using Paid advertising campaigns are no doubt bringing great result but who would not love to save money and get equivalent result as in paid ads. Thus, when I used Mailchimp and Facebook together to promote my business and boosted the same Mailchimp post with very less daily budget on my Facebook page, I found that it worked quite well.

MailChimp is an online email marketing solution to manage subscribers of your business, send emails, and track results. Till 2000 emails the service is free and it also offers integrations with other programs and this is what I was referring above. The best part of integrating these two channels- Facebook & Mailchimp is that, you create beautiful HTML , designer emails and post that on your Facebook Page. Making adverts on Facebook with the use of too many text is not possible, even Facebook does not allow us to post images with text on it and so it is not possible to put all the information which is required in the campaign. To this, what I found the solution was, to make a designer email with all required information on Mailchimp sending only to few subscribers (as we are start-up) and posting the link on my Facebook page. Certainly the fan following on Facebook is quite larger than subscribers for my emails.

On the other hand the best part of a Facebook campaign is that it can be promoted with a very low budget, as low as Rs 40/day to reach almost 1000 people using proper targeting strategy. Tracking result using both the channel is again an added benefit.

So to conclude, I can say, why not use the creative and content designing platform of MailChimp and large reach of our Facebook pages; after all who would not like to use the best of both the world of email and social media?

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