The 8 secrets of a WOW Personality!

Who doesn’t want thousand fans following, huge number of friends and a strong network of people in his/her professional life and with all these, one also dream to have a beautiful family where respect and love is overflowing. But alas this dream doesn’t come true for many.

We don’t see many people enjoying this kind of life. In fact we hardly see any personality like this in real life. So what is the reason? What makes a WOW personality as described above.

In all these years, the few traits which I came across and which differentiated an average personality from a Wow personality are:

Excellent Communication: communication is a key to every relation, whether personal or professional. As the old song goes “It’s only words and words that all I have to take your heart away”. A strong personality knows the art of communication, when to speak, what to speak and how to speak. Communication is an art which one can learn by practice, if one is not gifted by nature.

Excellent Soft skill: soft skill has to do with interpersonal skill, the way a person manages other people. Soft skill focuses on one’s leadership skill and team playing ability. A strong personality knows the way how to be the part of team yet makes his/her mark. A strong personality has a strong leadership quality; he/she knows to nurture other and grow as a team.

Courage & Confidence: One day while taking a class on courage, one of my student asked me, “Will he be called courageous if he jumps from 5th floor of the college building?” and my answer was obviously No. There is a thin line between courage and foolishness. When you know your internal strengths and external factors equally well and then take risk with proper preparation and planning, without thinking about the result, its called courage. Confidence, on other hand is the faith or believe in your own internal ability, which has been mastered or developed after prolong hard work. Both Courage & Confidence is an important trait of a strong Personality.

Integrity: As the saying goes “Nothing matters, if you have integrity and if you don’t have integrity, nothing matters”. A strong personality has solid integrity. Integrity is the thing which makes other thing successful.

Healthy Lifestyle: A good health is a key to success. Healthy life ensures, sound mind and a happy soul. You can never make others happy or do a thing well, if you are physically unfit. A strong personality knows the importance of good health and thus has proper food, exercise and sleep.

Excellent Spiritual Health: Spiritual health is something more than merely not having any disease. Spiritual well being talks about balance between body and soul. A strong personality knows how to maintain this harmony because if the body is the carrier then the soul is the one which is being carried. Both needs to be taken care equally well to bring out a WOW personality.

Physical Appearance: Physical Appearance does not mean how you look but how you carry yourself, even if you are fat, thin, tall short or of any stature. Your attire, your personal care makes all the difference. A clean shaven face or trimmed beard looks far better and healthier than a non-shaven or untrimmed one. Clothing according to the situation makes all the difference. A wow personality knows the tricks and thus takes care of these small factors too

Knowledge: Last but not the least knowledge is power. One needs to have sound knowledge of their area or work. For example a cricketer may have all the above elements in his personality, but if he does not know how to pay cricket well or poor knowledge of cricket, he will never be remembered.

So we see all these components together make a WOW personality. One factor may dominate the other but absence of any single entity may fail to create, that lasting effect, one remembers in a personality; a WOW personality.

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