Tweet, tweet & Retweet: How retweets help in increasing your reach?

Twitter a micro-blogging site, started in 2006 is now being used by people across the world. In India where Facebook is the most used platform, Twitter is eventually gaining popularity among Millennial after Instagram.

Twitter users are to write content under 140 characters and tweet them on their twitter handle. These tweets are reposted by the followers of that twitter handle. Now in this article I would like to give you information on the benefit you would receive from retweeting along with tweeting.

A retweet is a reposted or forwarded message on Twitter. There are many metrics that define growth and reach on twitter. Talking about retweets, an effective social media strategy should focus on maximizing the number of retweets each post receives to connect with a broader audience beyond immediate followers.

An outstanding content is more likely to be retweeted which eventually increases your reach and audience. Psychologically speaking reciprocity is an important point why people choose to follow and engage with you, people value it more. You are not only liking there content just to validate but you value it enough to share it. Retweeting can be one of the most powerful engagement you get on a post since it will carry your content to other user’s feed which again has a separate audience and if your content adds value to the person who is reading your tweet he or she is more likely to retweet it again. By retweeting your users’ content first, you have a better luck when trying to get them retweet & share your own content.

If you are new on twitter, only getting retweets will not work. You need to share quality content that adds some kind of value to the user. You have to engage with your audience. If you want something, it never hurts to ask for it. Ask for retweet at the end of your content, users are more likely to respond to that. Retweets shows an exponential growth not linear.

It acts as a platform for further distributing the content, it creates a chain that follows from one user feed to another. It all boils down to the quality of the content that you are posting. Use trending hashtags on your tweets it again helps in getting the reach. While data from social media can be quantified, the positive effects of a successful social media presence are immeasurable, and it is essential that companies capitalize on the numerous opportunities waiting on these networks. Retweeting someone’s content is like a two-way street if you want your content to get retweeted first retweet their content.

When you get retweeted, it could be because someone wants to reveal you off or because a person desires to touch upon what your tweet says. The remarkable thing about this is which you get a hazard to see who's taking part in your content, who isn’t, and what they have to say approximately. If you figure it right, it is able to be a superb focus group. If you don’t, well, it can be a massive mess of confusion, but hopefully you recognize what you’re doing! The energy of the retweet will assist you hone in on the statistics on your tweets so you can build blog posts and other content material in a way which you recognize your twitter fans will reply to. The end goal is always to gain more leads, right? Well, in case you get retweeted via others and then commented on, it will assist you study who likes what and the way to tailor your information accordingly. And that is precisely what all that is about!

Authored By: Kshitij Jain (Intern)

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