You must have seen some people who have an amazing ability to talk and communicate flawlessly in English with others. So easily they make friends, impress others, are successful and look so confident.  They really have a WOW Personality.


Yes communication is an important element of ones personality and speaking in English langauge these days is mandatory. The social component of ones personality is affected by communication. It is true that few people are born as an excellent orator, but others need to learn the art of communication and learn Spoken English.


At ASDC, we help you to learn the art to speak well in English language. Communication helps you to build your career, make friends, impress others and build confident in your own self. Various techniques and models are used to develop this art. Its not a two day process but regular guidance and a year long preparation beyond doubt shows result.

45 Days Course

Course Fee: 6000 INR

Faculty: Alok Kumar, Corporate Trainer & IAS Coach



  • Basic English Grammar

  • Sentence Framing

  • Vocabulary

  • Antonyms of Common Words

  • Synonyms of Common Words

  • Common Telephone Phrases

  • Common Social Phrases

  • English Tips for Interview & Meetings

  • Business Communication 

  • Facebook Round
  • YouTube - Black Circle
  • Google+ - Black Circle
  • LinkedIn Round

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